Purchasing tickets and coupons will be possible at the venue

Daily ticket = 5 €

Children up to 18 years old have free admission*

Tasting vouchers
(5 vouchers) = 4,5 €

Tastings of Chocolate Products at the Festival

The tasting of pralines, chocolates and other delicacies takes place through tasting coupons. These are available at the main ticket offices at the entrance to the festival and at the ticket offices inside the venue.



Most tasting portions cost between 1 and 3 coupons.

You can join the culinary workshops in exchange for tasting coupons. Pre-registration is required, which is possible on the day of the festival at the workshop site.


How to get tasting coupons?

  • At the Chocolate Festival venue, find the nearest cashier.
  • Prepare cash or card.
  • Choose any number of coupon sets (one set contains 5 coupons and costs €4.50).
  • Purchase the coupons.

Coupon sales points

  • Sales points at the entrance (in front of Grajski dvor Hotel).
  • Sales points in a smaller tent in the park (next to the monument).
  • Sales points in a tent at Linhartov trg, TIC Radovljica.

Sales points are clearly marked and the purchase of coupons takes place in cash or card. The price of one coupon is €0.90. A minimum of 5 coupons may be purchased, therefore coupons are available for €4,50, €9,00, €13,50 etc. Refunds are not available for any unused coupons.


How does chocolate tasting work?

At all stalls where chocolate shops are presented, there is a tasting of chocolate delicacies via tasting coupons. Every chocolate shop has several products for tasting. The visitor exchanges the tasting coupons for the products offered. Each booth has a range of products worth 1 to 4 coupons, as well as other products for sale.

Over 150 different products will be available for tasting at the festival. Among them will be different types of chocolates and pralines, truffles, chocolate minions, different types of fruits in chocolate…

In addition to the tasting of chocolate delicacies, it will also be possible to buy chocolate products at the stands. Buying products is not done through tasting coupons, but with cash. Products intended for tasting cannot be paid for in cash.